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Mental Health is not always covered in our health insurance plans. In a time like this, where everyone is getting more and more in tune with their emotions and are possibly even shamed for them, I want to make sure every person out there that is struggling and feels like there is no one there for them knows that there is a solid and dependable, worry-free place where they can sort out their emotions. Sometimes just talking things through is what sparks major revelations.

The Baltimore Therapy Meetup provides the free opportunity to attend group therapy sessions. As our community grows, I plan to offer smaller groups more specific to the realms in which we need some guidance (e.g. career, love, identity, finances, etc.) so that everyone feels they have somewhere they feel listened to and not just heard. We cannot allow the trials and tribulations in our lives make us forget how great life can still be! And we can do this together! I would be honored to hear any of your stories or concerns and I vow to be judgment free.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, there will be no professionals present at these meetups unless announced otherwise. If at any time, you believe you need more than this, we will hold some time after each session to sit down and look through options specific to your needs and capabilities together.

The dates and times of meet ups are scheduled based on availability of members. Mark your availability via this rolling doodle poll. This link is good forever, availability options will be continually updated:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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