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We will start at Leigh woods side of the Bridge near the Visitors Centre and have a look in the Visitors Centre, before we start the walk, we will cross the Clifton Suspension bridge, taking in the amazing scenic views. For More information about the Visitors Centre. Click on Link.

We will walk around the Downs following the lip of the Avon Gorge from the Suspension Bridge to Sea Walls, then down to Bishops Knoll Nature Reserve and Old Sneed Park, back along the Mariner’s Path, Pitch and Pay Lane, and Julian Road, across to the Water Tower and back to the Suspension Bridge.

Great views of the Bridge and the Gorge.

We will see the Remains of the gardens at Bishop Knoll, Old Sneed Park Lake (note the spelling; the housing estate is spelt Sneyd).

Look out for Bristol's newest claim to fame of Bristol's version of the mysterious large Hollywood like sign 'Bristoland' which is seen high up on the cliffs below the Suspension Bridge. Click on link for more information about 'Bristoland' (

The Mariner’s Path, Pitch and Pay Lane and Julian Road form part of the course of the Roman Road from Bath to Abona(e) (Sea Mills)and on to Isca Silurum (Caerleon) passing the Lawrence Weston Roman Villa on the way. Pitch and Pay Lane is said to be so called as it once had a gate across it; in times of plague in Bristol food was pitched over the gate and money was pitched back. It is also said that the name of the Roman Road is known and it was via Julia, after the chap who defeated the Silures, who lived just across the Bristol Channel and caused a lot of trouble. The name seems to have been invented by 17th century antiquarians and was certainly unknown to the Romans.

Approx 5 miles. Some steep slopes, likely to be muddy. Be sure to bring warm clothes waterproof jacket & adequate comfortable walking boots.

After walk we will all be ready to quench our hunger & thirst in a a nearby pub for drinks & good pub grub food. Look forward to seeing you there

Katrina & Stuart