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My grandfather would have been mystified by the concept of taking a portable television down to a cafe to 'work'. But then he owned a turkey farm. I know where I'd rather hang out.

So here we are: 'co-working'.



Co-working -what is that?

Remember those carbon-based lifeforms that slouch in office chairs, sucking up the O2 and generally irritating the hell out of you? Yes? Well, people who labour on their own don't have them. And occasionally it's desirable to have them around.

You mean it's nice to have company when you work?

Yes. But only for short periods. Having to laugh at Graham-from-accounts' jokes nearly drove me insane.

Okay, I get the principle. But my work is incredibly demanding and very important. I couldn't possibly do it on a coffee shop table with people all around.

Join the club, buddy. I couldn't possibly give all that money to those widows and orphans without proper concentration. So instead of your core role, you might consider focussing on strategic areas such as your business plan, or a mind-mapping session. Or invoicing. Or your website. Or even your accounts. It's just about taking a couple of hours out of your regular week.

Ah, I'm not actually working, I'm in town doing my shopping. Can I pop in for a coffee and a natter?

Only if you buy everyone lunch.