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Hard Rock Casino in Coquitlam, BC

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We are a social group that has a broad range of interests: hiking, biking, dancing, live music, wine tasting, eating out, potlucks, book club, photography, art and cultural stuff too. We are fun, friendly, and eclectic. Join us!

Our yearly fee is $5 each, ($4.11 reaches us) this covers Meet Up costs. Any extra money goes to environmental volunteer projects and the food bank. This fee is the minimum amount and you should always feel free to make your host feel appreciated too!!

Please read the small print thanks!
Organizers in this group are not guides, instructors, or medical professionals. You are responsible for your safety and the safety of those you bring as guests. We may give you our opinions on whether or not an activity is suitable for you, but the ultimate responsibility lies with you, as we are not experts. For outdoor activities, you should carry the ten essentials:
http://en.wikipedia.o...­ . Certain activities may require other gear. If you don't know, ask! Someone can likely share advice or ideas.

Signing up for events: Please have a strong expectation that you will actually attend the event. No-shows and late cancellations: It's disrespectful, causes others inconvenience, and we keep track of these.

Carpooling and gas money: Please chip in some gas money contribution for the drivers that are kind enough to transport. Drivers incur expenses for fuel as well as vehicle maintenance, insurance, etc. They're doing you a favor by driving. This also applies to things like ferry fees, parking charges, campground fees, etc. Gas cost + 50% is best.

Membership dues: It costs about $180/year US to have a Meetup group. Please pay $5 a year to help with this, if you are struggling to pay let the organizer know and the fee can be waived.

Membership in the group: Occasionally, we delete people due to inactivity. If anyone is deleted due for this reason and wants to rejoin, you're welcome to do that.

Last but not least, please show up with a positive attitude and a desire to share fun activities with interesting people!

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