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Guest Drumming Instructor TONIGHT Wed 4/30

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Tonight!!!! In Bend, Oregon 6:00 beg/int 7:30 int/adv $20 or $30 for 2. 155 Hawthorne ent off Harriman. Rusty lived in Mali for 9 years studying music, and has taught Mali rhythms on djembe and Dunun for 15 years. A well respected teacher. Come support!!!!!
Spring Djembe Workshops Sa Apr 26 Johnston, IA
10, 12, 3 Candeo
Su Apr 27 Des Moines, IA
10, 12, 3 Gateway Dance

We Apr 30 Bend, OR
6:00-7:30 pm beginner/intermediate 7:30- 9:00 int/adv Joy of Being Center 155 NW Hawthorne ST. Studio In alleyway behind address. $20 for one class or $30 for two.

Sa May 3 Ashland, OR
Su May 4 Ashland, OR

Mo May 5 Seattle, WA (djembe)

Tu May 6 7 to 9pm, 3300 Boulevard rd se, Olympia, WA 98501

We May 7 Seattle, WA (dunun) 5:30-8 3828 42nd Ave S, $20. Sunu 4 to 3, and Woloso/Dansa

Sa May 10 Sand Pt, ID 10-11:15 am beginners $10
11:30-1:00 intermediate $15
Danceworks, Sandpoint, ID

Mo May 12, Bozeman, MT
Private Session 9 to 11am, $180
intermediate/advanced class 7:15 to 9:15 pm, $25
Tu May 13 Bozeman, MT
7:15-8:30 beginning class, $10
All Bozeman classes Ashtanga Yoga School of Montana

You can see more about Rusty at the links below

Drumming group

Personal page

Following is a sample schedule of a workshop progression that we can cater to your community.

West African Dejmbe Spring Workshop

Rusty Eklund will be presenting west African djembe workshops this spring across the midwest, mountain west, and Pacific northwest.

Drawing on his nine years of study with professional musicians and village drummers in Mali and upper Guinea, Rusty will be offering the following series of classes:

Class 1 Beginning Djembe/konkoni
-:Basic Handpatterns
-:Common Djembe Accompaniments
- Konkoni Accompanments

Class 2 Intermediate Djembe
- Suku, Dansa, Maraka
- Djembe/konkoni accompaniments
- Call, Signature phrase, goloba

Class 3
Advanced Djembe
Relating family lead phrasing for Suku, Numu Foly, Wolosso

Class 4
Beginning Djembe
Groovy rhythm patterns for the percussionist

Class 5 Advanced Djembe Common time Sunu to 12/8 Sunu

Class 6
Advanced Djembe
Exploring another family of hand patterning

Fula Foly and Ngrii

Typically, 90 minute classes presented toward the middle to upper ability of the class and cover the material the class is able to move through for the intended lesson.

As a certified math and music teacher with two decades of classroom experience, 20+ years of international travel, and 18 years of west African music study, Rusty has developed a comprehensive curriculum for djembe players and teachers. I will be offering classes and extended workshops from April 25 to May 20 in WA, OR, ID, MT, IA, IL, IN, VA, and WV. I still have a few open dates.

If you interested to join a class or are in one of the above areas and would like to schedule an evening class feel free to request a date.

My workshops are designed to present a pedagogically sound curriculum, aimed at preparing djembe and dunun players for the rigors of studying with African masters. This curriculum is based on my 9 years of resident study in Mali, my work with both urban and village masters throughout lower Mali and upper Guinea, combined with 20 years of professional classroom teaching experience.

I also offer a program designed to help djembe teachers develop their own curriculum and presentation style.

We usually start here
Djembe playing technique
10 basic handpatterns
10 Djembe accompaniments
5 konkoni accompaniments
20 Djembe rhythms

The course of study often resembles the following

Dansa 1
Fula Foly

We cover djembe call
reference entrance for konkoni and djembe accompaniment
signature djembe lead phrase

Family associated lead phrasing is covered as we learn more related rhythms to the four rhythms (families) above

Intermediate and Advanced study
Dansa 2
Madan 1
Madan 2
Gerankeh Foly
Numu Foly
Komo Foly
Sunu 1
Sunu 2
Sunu 12/8

Bamana Rhythms for the bonkolo and djembe
Jon Foly
Seneke Foly
Fula Foly

Understanding n\ amani and dununba

10 Djembe rhythms for the percussionist these are great rhythmic foundations for the percussionist in the midst of the instrumental ensemble.

Songs associated with many of the above rhythms are available as well.

(Other rhythms are available as appropriate...this list is a normal teaching progression I would cover)