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Fancy learning something new? The Best Secret Events in Manchester group brings together a fabulous community of enthusiasts who want to get together and have a good time! Whether it's DIY workshops, Quirky foodie experiences or secret events where you meet new people we Look forward to exploring local hideouts and show off your talents!

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Quit Your Job & Follow Your Dreams? | Manchester

Century Street, Manchester, M3 4QL

Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the link provided (RSVP is not enough) For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/VR2yT) What happens when you quit your job to follow your dreams? We've all thought about it. Throwing in the towel. Giving your boss the finger. Quitting to start a business, go traveling, work for a non-profit, or just laze on a beach. But is it possible? Or just a pipe-dream? Henry Blanchard spent years moving numbers around excel spreadsheets, sending pointless emails, and staring out of the office window. Until enough was enough. He sold his possessions, took one bag, moved to Uganda and created an adventure travel business. Now he runs several "lifestyle businesses", and shows others how they too can escape from drudgery and into a more fulfilling career and life. The talk gives all the key learning from his 4 years of studying and teaching people how to find fulfillment in work and life. You'll not only hear about people just like you who made a change to find fulfilment, but you can learn how they did it, the methods they used, what they wouldn't do again and exact steps you can take to begin the journey. Learn the stories of ex-employees who took the plunge. What are they doing now? How did it work out? Can you do it too - and if so, how?? What about your mortgage? Family? Relationships? Career?? How to find job vacancies that are never publicised. Sources of funding for your startup. Tips to ease out of your current employment and into something better - and more. Most importantly - you'll leave knowing it can be done, feeling inspired and ready to begin! Venue: Lock 91 Doors: 7.00pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm. *Please see venue website for admission (age restrictions) or accessibility information. Our talks may be filmed for promotional purposes. ************************************************************************************** Funzing Talks are here to re-invent your evenings, creating an exciting alternative to having a drink in your local pub or bar. Funzing Talks pull together an impressive array of leading entrepreneurs, intellectuals, bright thinkers and incredible individuals to inspire your evenings and expand your mind. Held in a carefully selected range of intimate spaces, Funzing Talks is the ultimate boredom-buster. Delve into a totally new subject and challenge your perspectives with like-minded, equally curious people. It's time to try something different - you never know where it may take you. For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/VR2yT)

PopUp Painting at Common, Manchester!

Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HW

Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the link provided (RSVP is not enough) For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/d3ruD) PopUp Painting is the perfect way to drink creatively on a night out in Manchester! Join us at Common to unleash your creativity and paint along with us. With a wine glass in one hand (or your most preferred poison!) and a paint brush in the other. No experience is necessary. All equipment is provided. Follow along as our artist facilitator guides you, or if you’re feeling adventurous, free-styling is always welcome! Immerse yourself in the contemporary era with our themed playlist. Meet new people, paint and relax with friends. Themes: 19 February - Paint like Banksy19 March - Paint starry night over Manchester 16 April - Paint Great Wave Please arrive at Common 10 minutes before the start time and check in with the PopUp Painting team, especially if you're part of a large group. For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/d3ruD)

MediaCity Karate Beginner's Induction

Prestwood Road, Salford, M6 8GG

Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the link provided (RSVP is not enough) For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/Xv4cW) Your gate to the world of martial arts: The Beginner's Induction in MediaCity UK runs every Thursday and offers an insight into Missing Link in Manchester. It focuses on Renzoku Waza (flow drills), basic techniques and general principles. You will learn hands-on with an Instructor Circle Member of Missing Link in a small, friendly group. You are always welcome to join for some sweat, fun and bruises (don't worry, not too much of the latter, but a lot of the first two). Missing Link Martial Arts connects tradition, modern applications and two of the biggest sources of Martial Arts: China and Japan. It unlocks the actual fighting content within the art and the philosophy behind it. We care deeply for Modern Application: Urban self defence, health and fitness, inner balance and well-being. Regular beginner's inductions open the art for new starters, and if you are an experienced martial artist, Missing Link might be the next big step in your personal development. For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/Xv4cW)

Kids Karate - Bonsai Martial Arts

Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PE

Please note! It is required that you book your tickets through the link provided (RSVP is not enough) For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/wwdLE) Martial Arts for kids in Central Manchester: Experiences children never forget, and skills they will benefit from for years. Bonsai Martial Arts is intelligent martial arts for children. Coming from Germany to the UK, Bonsai Martial Arts is a proven system of teaching basic martial arts to children: Health and fitness, social skills, conflict competence, teamwork, empathy and assertiveness, discipline and the ability to cope with difficulties and challenges. This class is suitable for children age 5 - 8. For Tickets and More Info click here (https://www.funzing.com/su/wwdLE)

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Learn to Hula Hoop: Hoop Tone in Manchester

Church Street, Manchester, M4 1PE

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