What we're about

This group is for those who want to get together with like-minded individuals to communicate on a deeper level on "topics" of spirituality. It is for those who wish to make changes in their lives to live it from a more positive, loving viewpoint.

In this group you will be encouraged to explore how you co-create your world, how to identify the many aspects of your ego, and examine ways to go beyond the ego. You will be encouraged to view your life from an alternate perspective, different than they way you may be currently viewing it. You will be asked to look at aspects of your life that you might rather keep under cover; in an attempt to assist you in going beyond your ego and discovering the truth of who you are. Once that truth is realized, you will be encourage to embrace that aspect of yourself and live from it.

Through conversation and the sharing of information, members have an opportunity to open themselves up, in a comfortable environment and in ways that they may not have experienced in the past.

These meetings are intended to give you an opportunity to go beyond the ego, beyond the surface of passing/temporary things, social and political occurrences, negative/positive experiences that appear on top of the core of who we are. When you attend these meetings, you are asked to check your social masks at the door and realize the one thing we all have in common – STILLNESS/PRESENCE/AWARENESS


Thank you.

P.S. Please feel free to peruse our discussion pages for posts from members and the photos pages for inspirational posts.

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