What we're about

Did you leave or are you thinking of leaving your Christian Faith because you never received adequate answers to your difficult questions?

Do you find it hard to follow the God that the church describes?

Then this is the place for you! Together we will explore all the most difficult questions about the Bible vs. teachings of the church. Believers and non believers are welcome. No subject is taboo. We're here to simply seek the truth!

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Gettin' Acquainted

The Stonehaus

The Place: Our first meeting will take place at The Stonehaus. If you've never been it's a big place with plenty of private seating, that does not have to be reserved. They have good coffee drinks, tea, smoothies and both light and hearty breakfast items. The Agenda: This first meeting will be to get acquainted and begin to get an idea of our individual beliefs. The Format: We'll start with a prayer, then we will go around the table, letting each person share their story, as well as their beliefs and relationship to God and the church, even if it's nonexistent. For Consideration: Something that I would like us each to consider: what big question has never been satisfactorily answered regarding God and/or the Christian Faith. Organized Discussion: After this we should easily be able to agree on a topic to begin with and we'll dive right in. I'll start by asking questions to the group and we will go from there. If the conversational ball is held a little too long I'll gently nudge you to wrap it up. Also, if conversation gets out of hand I'll respectfully rein it back in. Other than that we will let good manners, the direction of the discussion and the Holy Spirit guide us. Any questions or concerns, let me know. I'm looking forward to good fellowship, good food and good discussion! I'll be looking for your RSVP's!

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