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Sunday Afternoon Board Gaming at the River Market

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There will be a grande time of gaming at the excellent River Market, just across the street from the New Westminster skytrain station. The space is huge and bright, and there are many fine, independent food choices at this venue. Check out their website here:

The cost is free, but we encourage everyone to support the venue by purchasing some of the food and drink offered there. Board games will be available for play, but please feel free to bring your own, too.

There is pay parking at the lot next door as well as metered street parking. Also, the upper level is wheelchair accessible via elevator. The downstairs tables are also available to us.

Thanks, and have a fun time!

Link to Google Maps for the outlined locations: HERE ([masked]de1e430%213m2%213d[masked]%214d[masked]%211m5%211s810+Quayside+Dr%2C+New+Westminster%2C+BC+V3M+6B9%2C+Canada%212s0x5485d86fa80db725%3A0x3c75e8656b26ca78%213m2%213d[masked]%214d[masked]%211m5%211s708+Clarkson+St%2C+New+Westminster%2C+BC+V3M%2C+Canada%212s0x5485d86e078fc81f%3A0x1eee2b4ea8454d7e%213m2%213d[masked]%214d[masked]%212e2%213m8%211m3%211d1597%212d[masked]%213d[masked]%213m2%211i1280%212i941%214f13.1&fid=0)

(River Market ( is where the little toon turtle is hangin' out)

The map is a little misleading, we're actually only a 3-minute walk from the skytrain station.

We're also super close to Board Game Warriors (, a great board game store.


Here's some of the food they have there (this is currently the weekday lunch special, but we've been told they'll try to have that for us on Sunday as well):

Internet Access
While at the River Market, you can enjoy free Internet access. If you check for WiFi hotspots, you'll find 'River Market' as a non-'password protected' access point. Thank-you, River Market, for allowing us free Internet access!!