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With "the big game" on Sunday Feb 3, we will start our discussion at 4pm, on Saturday Feb 2, at JOSEPHS CLASSIC MARKET, outdoor patio....Please arrive between 345-350pm..... get your snacks/beverages so we can start our discussion promptly at 4pm.

Josephs has plenty of food to go, for all tastes as it is an upscale market... Whether its a fresh turkey sandwich from the deli, or a fresh fruit salad, in the grocery section, there is something for you. Hot coffee, or cold soda...freshly squeezed orange juice; bagels and fresh breads; black and white cookie, and pastries...etc etc..

*There is no minimum food/beverage requirement, but since Michael and Joseph (the managers) are offering their venue for nothing, as a courtesy to them, I prefer that you order "something", even if its as simple as a bottled water...

-This is NOT the Boca town center mall. The boca center is located on military trail,, 3/4 mile north of palmetto park road, on the east side of military. Josephs is located at the far south end of the Boca center. (the end closer to Palmetto park rd) very close by to Starbucks.

*if you are unsure of where the boca center is, please email me directly and i will give you specific driving directions.

Marty will host one table, and BooBoo, will host the other...PLEASE TAKE MARTYS CELL NUMBER iN CASE YOU CANT FIND US,, 954 562 3308


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