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What we're about

We are a growing society of practitioners and therefore legitimate living lineage holders of experience-based somatic living and spiritual body based social technology.

The Bodywork Exchange is an online community of kindred souls who unanimously agree to open into that which we care about most in life.

We are dedicated to the practice, development and dissemination of BodyPlay as a revolutionary and entirely innovative system of bodywork and spiritual development.

We support community wellness by sharing our collective knowledge and practicing together. These interactive events serve professional somatic practitioners, their local communities and all who have a passion for shared embodied living.

We feel that personal and collective Transformation at its core begins with direct body-based experiential knowledge, which plays out in the way we relate to ourselves, each other and all things.

THE KEY IS REGULAR BODYWORK. In addition to making connections and sharing inspiring content on line, The Bodywork Exchange aims to practice together regularly, in person and through our shared embodiment discipline called BodyPlay.

We host a variety of events and opportunities to practice together. Our main event is The Bodhisattva Lounge. We also host more focused workshops covering embodied relationship, sacred intimacy, yoga, massage, somatics, and use of Plant Medicine, all of which generate specific methods and techniques for participation and enhanced experience in our practice of BodyPlay.

Our events happen at various venues throughout The Bay Area. We are also available to come to your location to share these ideas and experiences and present to an already existing community.


BodyPlay is Contact Improvisation used as a personal and collective reference point for shared practice in interactive improvisational bodywork and body based relationality. BodyPlay is a somatic practice and social technology for collective empowerment and development of personal leadership for Human Transformation.

Contact improvisation is defined as whatever happens when two or more people encounter each other and come into contact; a truly open modality of yogic bodywork. It is about curiosity, interest, sensate experience and a relationality that stems from pure awareness. It is about being spontaneous with self and others in an authentic, embodied way.

Contact improvisation is a fluid practice and social movement that is participant driven and is an intelligent self organizing expression of collective human Be-ing.

Our practice is BodyPlay, which is simply contact improvisation practiced as a community with the intention of being a partnered yogic form of physical social and spiritual development.

Our Events.

" The Bodhisattva Lounge " is a somatic "feel tank" where practitioners of the Somatic Arts can interact, train and practice together.

Bodhicitta is a spontaneous wish to attain enlightenment motivated by great compassion for all sentient beings... A person who has a spontaneous realization or motivation of Bodhicitta is called a Bodhisattva.

The Bodywork Exchange serves the human collective and planetary change through community via consistent practice, skill sharing and development of an Authentic Self rooted in somatic awareness and the richness of expressing it with others.

Play Learn Share Lead !

The essence of this teaching comes from a deep desire to attain the knowledge that ensues from recognizing one's true nature and integrating this into everyday life.

The practical training offered at our Bodhisvatta Lounge where we engage in our basic bodywork "score" is most simply described as BodyPlay. BodyPlay is a multi partnership / yogic dance / improvisational / somatic practice / discipline. This event is an opportunity for local body workers to practice and learn various modalities and styles of bodywork; to receive and give bodywork; to promote their practice; and to provide short sample sessions to the public and potential clients.


Hello! and Welcome! To keep life simple we are predominantly functioning online as a community through our Meetup Group. Where all dialogues, conversations, announcements and declarations are shared between our community.

We desire to keep a level of integrity at our events and prefer to speak one on one with potential new members.

Joining the Meet-Up Group at the link below

Please follow this link to join our Meet-Up Group.

We would like to know you personally, so if you're a new member coming for the first time and you would like to attend The Bodhisattva Lounge or one of focus groups , we ask that you contact us at 510 910 4988 or by email at: ________________________ or through messaging on our Meetup Group first so we can protect the safety of our community container and extend an invitation to participate.

If you are interested in facilitating and/or receiving private sessions or if you have not yet participated in community orientation please contact us by phone and join our meet-up group

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