What we're about

A book club that reads classics, noir, modern, controversial. I'm tired of reading chick-lit or the latest misery memoir or yet another war inspired story we've heard before. I'll post a list of books, join if they sound like the types you can read and enjoy.

Upcoming events (2)

'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald (with wine and friends)

Seen as an American classic, this novel optimises the roaring 20s of hedonism and class - or so it seems. The lavish and wonderful lifestyle if the wealthy is nothing but a sham consisting of shallow people and empty dreams. Beautifully written but far from problem free, another great novel to discuss over wine!

'The Woman in Black' by Susan Hill (with wine and friends)

With Christmas coming up fast, how about a traditional ghost story to get us in the mood? An ancient, neglected house, a dark secret and an age old curse all come together to tell a harrowing story of loss that never quite heals. Originally written as a bet that no book could incorporate all gothic features at once, Hill's short novel has reached the heights of popularity. Easy to read and immersive, this is a great book to discuss over wine just before the festivities really get underway. Hope to see you there!