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The Boston HK Cantonese Community (BOSHKCC)!

Are you a Cantonese Speaker from China or HK? We are calling out all Cantonese speakers in the Boston or surrounding areas! Share new Cantonese words, stories, and colloquial expressions with us! Whether you grew up in the US in a Cantonese household or you are a Cantonese Native from Hong Kong, we welcome you to join our rapidly expanding Chinese group. We will organize many different social events such as dim sum, hot pot, Cantonese language movies, karaoke, local hiking, bubble tea, coffee, and board game events in the boston area.

We are a brand new Meetup which started on September 21, 2017. We have a sister organization in New York called the New York Hong Kong Cantonese Community (NYHKCC) which we would love for you to join. Join our sister organization and attend events when you are visiting New York: https://www.meetup.com/The-New-York-Cantonese-Club-NYHKCC/

Our goal is to fill the void of an active Cantonese community in the Boston metropolitan area for Overseas Chinese and ABCs. We are also looking for volunteer event hosts who wish to participate or assist in expanding our community. We look forward to meeting you and creating a fun Cantonese community through this platform.

We generally have our regular meetings on Saturdays. Interspersed, we will have periodic informal coffee/tea events on Thursdays after work as well as other interesting events by our organizers. Thank you for your attention and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Member Policies and Code of Conduct The purpose of our group is to provide a fun space for all our members. By attending any of BOSHKCC event, you agree to abide by the policies outlined below:

1. Sexual Harassment - We have a zero tolerance policy for any unwanted or unwelcome sexual harassment or conduct. Any such conduct will result in an immediate ban at the full discretion of the organizers. Unwelcome conduct is not limited to our events but also encompass unsolicited and unwanted messages toward other members. All reports of harassment will be promptly investigated. Any inappropriate conduct will result in prompt and decisive removal of your membership. 2. 100% RSVP Rule - An RSVP to our event means you are certain you can attend the event. Do not RSVP if you are not sure of your attendance.

3. No Show - When you RSVP "yes" to our events but fail to show, we will record your attendance as a no-show in our records.

4. Event Crashing - When you attend our events without RSVP'ing, we will record your Event Crash in our records.

5. Late Cancel - When you change your RSVP within a very short period of time before the event, we will record a late cancel in our records.

Accumulated and repeated no show/event crashing/late cancel will result in removal of your membership at our sole discretion without warning.

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