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The primary purpose of this group is to help people cultivate unconditional love and to radiate it into the lives of friends, family, humanity, and the world as a whole. Sheng Zhen Qigong is called "the qigong of unconditional love." Sheng Zhen means "the spirit of unconditional love" or "sacred truth" in Chinese. This is a movement system like Tai Chi or yoga, intended for activating the self-healing potential of the body, boosting immunity, strengthening the organs, balancing emotions, opening the heart, and awakening spiritual understanding. Movements are coupled with contemplations and poetry to deepen the experience with imagery and profound messages. There is training to enter qigong state which embodies unconditional love and blissful expansiveness. In this state, everything is wonderful and very nice. The practitioner feels connected with nature and life becomes blissful. This state generalizes out with practice into all areas of life.

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