• A Clockwork Orange

    BH2 Odeon

    For one night only the Odeon in Bournemouth will be showing the 1971 dark, bizarre masterpiece 'A Clockwork Orange'. Directed by Stanley Kubrick from the novel of the same name by Anthony Burgess. 'A Clockwork Orange' tells the story of Alex (Malcolm McDowell), a teenage boy who lives a life of thuggery and crime with his fellow gang members or 'droogs'. That is until an incident gets him sent to jail where he eventually gets the chance to turn things around, but the opportunity completely backfires on him. The films starts at 8:15 so let's all meet at the foyer area opposite Costa Coffee at 8. I've booked seat H12.

  • Pet Sematary

    ODEON Bournemouth BH2

    Following on from 2017's hugely successful and critically aclaimed adaptation of IT, comes another film based on a Stephen King novel. Widely regarded as being the celebrated author's darkest work, the story centres around the Creed family who after moving to a new house deep in rural Maine become are of an ancient burial ground , secluded in the woods behind their homes, with the power to re-animate the dead. When they are struck by a family tragedy a series of horrifying events soon unfolds and the Creed's are forced to realise that Sometimes dead is better. The film stars Jason Clarke, John Lithgow and Amy Seimetz and directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer who were behind the well received 2014 Fantasy Horror Starry Eyes. Currently holding an approval rating of 92% on rotten tomatoes, Pet Sematary seems to be shaping up to be a real treat for the horror/King fans amongst us. Tickets can be booked here https://www.odeon.co.uk/ and I have booked L22. Film starts at 20:20 so I propose meeting by the Costa Coffee in the foyer at 20:00, look forward to seeing you there.

  • Green Book

    Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for the Arts

    Funny, moving and thought-provoking all at once, this festival favourite tells the uplifting true story of an unlikely friendship that transcended race and class. In 1962, Italian-American bouncer Tony Lip (Mortensen) is hired to chauffeur African-American pianist Dr Don Shirley (Ali) on a concert tour through the Deep South. They must rely on The Green Book, a guide to the few establishments that are safe for African-Americans, to make it through a journey that will change both of their lives. The film starts at 8:00 so why don't we meet at around 7:45. I'll be there at around half 7

  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    Lighthouse, Poole's Centre for the Arts

    Adapted from James Baldwin’s powerful novel by Moonlight director Barry Jenkins, If Beale Street Could Talk is a lyrical celebration of love, both familial and romantic, told through the prism of a young African-American couple’s struggle for justice in 1970s Harlem. At the centre of the story is Tish, a newly engaged woman who races against the clock to prove her lover’s innocence while carrying their first-born child to term. The film starts at 8:10 so why don't we meet in the foyer area at around 7:50.

  • Jurassic Park

    The Regent Centre

    65 million years ago dinosaurs roamed the earth, 26 years ago Jurassic Park roamed the box office and now for one night only they'll be roaming The Regent Centre! Jimmy's Iced Coffee presents Steven Spielberg's pre-historic monster hit of colossal proportions: Jurassic Park, which tells the story of a wealth businessman named John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) who invites paeleontologists Dr Alan Grant (Sam Neil) and Dr Ellie Satler (Laura Dern) to go and offer their endorsement to his crazy idea; a futuristic amusement park where dinosaurs are bought back to life through advanced DNA manipulation techniques. The film begins at 8 so lets meetup at the cinema at around 7:45. I'll get there for around half 7. Come if you dare! (Just don't go to the toilet)

  • They Shall Not Grow Old (& recorded Q&A with P Jackson) @ Regent, Christchurch

    Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson combines footage from the Imperial War Museums' extensive archive and interviews with servicemen who fought in the First World War, which was the first time that the horrors of conflict could be caught on camera. These images have been colourised and converted using the latest production techniques to offer modern audiences an unprecedented and detailed glimpse at life on the battlefields. 2019 also marks the Centenary of the Treaty of Versailles and Paris Peace Conference which formerly ended WWI. The film includes a recorded Q&A after the film with director Peter Jackson hosted by Mark Kermode. We will meet in the entrance foyer at 7:15pm before the film starts at 7:30pm. I will be sat with a coffee so send me a message and what seat you have booked and I'll look out for you. I have booked seat K10 and there are still seats in row K if you want to sit together :-)

  • Tower Park Cinema Evening

    Tower Park

    This afternoon/evening is for people who are in Poole Tower park area or happy to travel here. Film to be decided but once we have some interested people we can sort out a film and the time for the meet up. Stan and Ollie should be out along with Colette and a few others. I will post here again perhaps with a poll once we can see what films Tower Park has. We can meet in the Chiquitos bar area next door before hand (and again after for any interested).

  • The Favourite @ BH2 Odeon, Bournemouth

    BH2 Odeon

    While England is at war with France and an increasingly frail Queen Anne occupies the throne, Lady Sarah and new servant Abigail fight to be 'The Favourite' of their Queen. Sarah is Anne's closest friend, and is often forced to manage the country in her stead. And her absences from Anne's side give Abigail the chance to slip in and become the Queen's new companion, with a possibility of finally fulfilling her ambitions. Men, women, politics or rabbits won't stand in her way in 'The Favourite', starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz. By the director of The Lobster - this is unlikely to be your run of the mill historical drama and its 'a favourite' for some Oscar nominations. We will meet in the foyer at 7:45pm before the film starts at 8:20pm. I have booked seat H12 and there are still plenty of seats in the row if you want to suit together. If time allows at the end - we'll find a local pub for a drink and chat

  • Christmas Lunch



    Just like last year, let's all meetup for a good festive meal. This time around we'll be meeting up at the Ponti restaurant in the Triangle. There is a three course Christmas Menu being offered which is listed as follows: STARTER Bruschetta with creamed mushrooms (v) Crochet with ham Butternut squash soup (v) (gf) MAIN Turkey in Masala sauce Fillet of Salmon in a cherry tomato and balsamic sauce Gnocchi in a tomato sauce (v) (gf) All mains served with vegetables and salad (v) DESSERT Tiramisu Coconut and raspberry tart (gf) Vegan brioche with fruit salad The whole thing costs £18 and I will need to know not only your attendance, but also what you're having by Friday the 21st at the latest. If you let me know you're coming I can send over my account details so that you can send over the money. Thanks very much and Merry Christmas to you all. P.S v= vegetarian gf= gluten free

  • The Gremlins

    The Social Grill

    Again, like with Edward Scissorhands, the Social Grill are doing another film night for the festive season, this will be their third and final film. The Gremlins tells the story of a gadget salesman is looking for a special gift for his son and finds one at a store in Chinatown. The shopkeeper is reluctant to sell him the `mogwai' but sells it to him with the warning to never expose him to bright light, water, or to feed him after midnight. All of this happens and the result is a gang of gremlins that decide to tear up the town on Christmas Eve. The film will be proceeded by an intro and there will also be a Cult Classic Themed Quiz at the end.