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If you are single, in (or near) your 40s, and prefer to meet people in an 'activity-based' setting, you've probably noticed a bit of a void in the Twin Cities market. This Club is here to fill that (We do limit the amount of memberships)!
We've been running full throttle since December 2016!!\


We don't aim to be the biggest Social Club, just the highest quality with the best peeps!!!! We try to get people together 2-4 times a week to facilitate strong, healthy, meaningful connections with each other because we believe in Quality Deep Connections over Quantity and low level acquaintances.
***Our best attribute in Brat Pack is our ability to remain non-judgmental towards each other and that creates a healthy environment where people can connect at a deeper level. We keep clicks out of this club as a result. ***
Our resume includes everything from Happy Hours to Art Classes to Weekends away, even 10 day trips to Europe or cruises of the Caribbean Sea.
Who are we???
We're a true community-funded SOCIAL CLUB of 'Brats' who get-together for two main reasons, Activities and Social connections. Dating is a component of the club but not necessarily a main focus and comes about organically.
If the idea of participating in a variety of activities while you make new friends is your 'jam', this is your club! We welcome people of all socio-political, sexual, and ethnic backgrounds to check out our upcoming activities. (You don't even need to know what socio-political means!). We try to keep events during the week small and intimate so to accelerate the get-to-know each other process. \

We want people to live in the Close Friend Level (if not higher) of the Friendship Pyramid below:



Benefits of a smaller Social Club:
• You will have better access to events because in COVID-19. People will RSVP very quickly and things fill-up surprising fast nowadays.
• You can actually get to know others quicker because you have a greater chance of seeing them at multiple events in the near future. Versus spending hours talking to someone who you may never see again. \

• Smaller groups allows us to do more diverse things and experience those things in a more intimate manner. \


2018 Video Highlights
2019 Video Highlights \



**Our goal is to not just get people out but to keep them coming back for more. \

And once you join the veteran ranks, you'll be ushered into other top shelf experiences.**
If you have a recommendation for an activity that you think will help strangers become friends, we want to hear about it.
*****IF YOU SEE EVENTS THAT ARE FULL/CLOSED JUST CONTACT THE EVENT HOST**** this is a very popular club and we have to limit things.
*****Also, the numbers of attendees are valid. We manage things in a way that no-shows are extremely limited in our club.******
FYI.....joining this club does involve; answering profile questions, having a real name that matches your profile name, a real photo of your face, and organizer approval.
Dues are $50/year (It comes out to roughly $4.16/month) via Paypal/Venmo to email address dues@bratpacksocialclub.com OR you can pay $5/month via the Meetup.\



Membership F.A.Q
Q: What are the dues used for?
A: It helps build a general fund to make group reservations against (various prebooked activities, vacation rentals, and rental deposits), it helps cover the cost of equipment, as well as the miscellaneous hosting expenses. Since the club has anywhere from 2 to 4 events a week, the costs have gotten to the point where we need to be community funded. We don't compare to other Meetup groups in terms of number of events, diversity of those events, and our participation rates. It's too much for a soul person to fund any longer. Other comparable organizations are Sitzmark Ski & Social Club ($25/yr), MN SkiHawks ($25/yr), and Events and Adventures ($2900/yr).
Q: What are the various options for paying Dues?
A: Currently Meetup has lost it's online payment systems and we track payments manually.
Dues are $50/year (It comes out to roughly $4.16/month) via Paypal/Venmo (Friends option only)to email address dues@bratpacksocialclub.com or username @BratPackSocialClub\


Checks can be sent as well. Just ask for those details.
Lastly, you can pay Chris or Kari cash at any event and it will be applied to the group fund.
Q: What happens to my future RSVP’s if I forget to pay my dues and my trial expires?
A: The Leadership team will reach out to you to guide you through the payment process. \

Q: Can I invite a friend as a +1?
A: Yes, as long as they haven’t been a previous member of the club. Weekend and International trips do required a paid membership.

Upcoming events (3)

2022 Want to play in the mud at the Rugged Maniac Obstacle course

Needs a location

We had so much fun in 2021 we are going a repeat in 2022. Date and time will be determined when venue publishes. Let us know if you are interested.


Use the 2nd option:

Rugged Maniac Obstacle Race (Pre-Registration)
Not sure what time you want to run or who's running with you? Use this method to lock in your spots today and we'll follow up with instructions to get officially registered!

Runners must be 12 years of age or older to participate.

Greece notes

Needs a location



Eireann is Calling us Home!!! (Ireland Summer 2021...Strike that...2023)

Summer 2021...We'll be heading 'Over the Rainbow'

Notes of possible activities and sightseeing:
Pub crawl of temple bar
U2 cover band dublin
Irish dancing in Galway
Kylemore Abby in Conomora
Falconry at Ashford Castle
Sailing near Kinsale
Dingle Peninsula
Sky Road in Conomora
Slieve League near Donegal
Wickalow/Glendlough/Powers court
Bono's place
Titanic/black taxi/farmers market Belfast
Dark Hedges
Giants Causeway
Boat ride in Dingle for the dolphin
Shopping in Galway
Dublin....open top bus for sights and trans
Howth lighthouse
Slane castle
Ring of Kerry
Farm experience
Killarney National Park
Diamond Hill in Conomora
The Loop Head Cliff Walk (Clare)
The Diamond Hill Upper Trail (Galway)
The Pilgrim’s Path (Donegal)
The Spinc Loop (Wicklow)
Ballinastoe woods
Gleniff Horseshoe Drive
Gap of dunloe ring of Kerr
dun chaoin
Mizen head
Irish hurling
Irish lighthouse overnight
Old Head
Bull rock island
Niall Doyle Coumshingaun in the Comeraghs
Largy viewpoint falls



Irish farm near Donegal https://www.irelandwestfarmstay.com/irish-farm-tour

Bridges of Ross, Co Clare

Food https://www.theirishroadtrip.com/pint-with-a-view-ireland/?fbclid=IwAR3lMIEAbkrYCpoVAVW9iVUq7KWYIkSe4YMh9QuSxfGxXtveDVGfy_XLMhg

Iighthouse lodging st. Johns point Donegal




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