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Feb 2, 2017

Please give a few specific BUCKET LIST items you would **LOVE** to attend. This is VERY IMPORTANT so we can have fresh ideas in the group. Be as detailed as you can be. Also, we remove profiles that don't attend events in a 3-month time frame.

I really love listening to live music, primarily Rock, Pop, R & B, and Country. I also am now a huge fan of painting!

Regarding RSVP's, please understand that 2 no-shows will cause us to remove a person from the group. Events that are reservation based will have a single no-show/late drop rule that will get you banned from the group i.e. restaurants.


Fake profiles are scanned for and subsequently banned from the group. Please make sure your real first name matches your profile name. You also must have a photo of just yourself with a clear face so event hosts can watch for.