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Now with added hotspot risk assessment:



New restrictions in guidance for Kirklees means we may need to change some of the walks we have opened up. We'll sort it once the position is a bit clearer.


All hail the roadmap. The group will be opening to new members. Not fully back to normal as guests only if the walk is not full.

Also, scientific proof that hugging is unhealthy. Just say No.


It's looking good for Rule of 6 walks so I've put some up.

WE WON'T BE ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS UNTIL WE CAN DO WALKS OF 30. At that time I'll change settings and then I guess all the pending members will get added automatically. I don't even look at requests to join at the moment as I know we can't put enough walks on to satisfy demand while it's Rule of 6.


Closed again - but get planning those walk. I'm optimistic we'll bounce back in the summer.

1. 1. 21

Still not accepting new members until we can walk in bigger groups. Cautious restart bearing in mind the rules can change at any time!


Now with added social distancing. We are suspending the group's events until government advice changes. If I can work out how to do it, I'll close the groups to new members for now as the active membership policy doesn't work if there aren't any events to attend.

Stay safe everyone

There are lots of great walking groups on meetup in the Yorkshire region. We are smaller than most and tend to do easier walks on a Saturday afternoon.

Some of our walks have a bit more challenge to them and would be classed as “moderate” using the Ramblers grading. We try and comment on the amount of ascent and the pace expected in our walk descriptions. If you have doubts about your fitness for a walk, please contact the walk leader.

We generally walk on the first and third Saturdays of the month. Since our organisers are busy some weekends we rely on our members volunteering to lead. We encourage all our members to have a try at leading or back marking once they have got to know the level we walk at.

We do require our members to be active and we remove members who do not meet the following conditions:

As of 1.1.13

Conditions of membership:

-attend 1 walk within 6 months of joining

- attend 1 walk per year thereafter

- visit the site at least once every 6 months

- don't no-show (fail to change your RSVP orto text the walk leader to say you can’t attend). 3 strikes and you will be removed

There is usually a charge of £1 per walk which covers meetup charges and reccying costs. Any extra goes to two charities: YHA Breaks for Kids (giving disadvantaged kids a break in the countryside) and Holme Valley Mountain Rescue who cover a lot of our local area. Details of our finances are here:https://www.meetup.com/The-Brighouse-Walking... (https://www.meetup.com/The-Brighouse-Walking-and-Fitness-Meetup-Group/events/60441412/)

If you join our walks, you do so at your own risk. Our walk leaders are not qualified and we have no insurance. If you want to be insured - try the Ramblers! Having said that, we have had no accidents so far (well except for that electric fence that I didn't think was working...)

We are a group for adults but we do hold several walks a year when children are welcomed. If you would like to bring your child on a walk which is not listed as Children Welcome please contact the organisers rather than the walk leader.

Dogs are welcome on our walks unless stated otherwise but please be considerate of other walkers and keep your dog under close control when there is livestock present.

Privacy. The group will be going "public" again in January. This means that all comments and all photographs can be seen by anyone anywhere in the world. Please DO NOT post phone numbers when arranging lifts. Use the annoying messaging system instead.

(Last update by Christine on 9.1.15.)

Upcoming events (4+)

Wentworth and follies, 8.5 miles

Elsecar Heritage Centre


A steady (not slow) paced walk taking in some of the Wentworth Follies such as the Eye of the Needle, Hoober Stand and and some other architectural delights eg the very grand Wentworth Castle grounds.

Some hill, a couple of sections of road walking as well but not especially difficult.

Dogs should be fine but will need to be on lead at times eg Wentworth Castle grounds.

Parking at the car park that is further from the Heritage Centre, opposite the park or was it a putt and pitch. I may have to update this detail. It was the carpark that Google maps sent us to anyway.

The car park has a staked off area we can meet on to avoid getting in the way of other cars as it can be pretty busy there.

Horbury Bridge/Thornhill 6.25 miles - note date change



*Apologies to those who can't make the new date, please update your RSVP if you are not able to attend. *

This is a repeat of a walk Ann did previously so the details and start time may change.

This walk is a mixture of road, track, woods and tow path. It has a couple of hills which are not significant and no stiles. I have decided to do the walk in the opposite direction to last time so that means the one steep hill we walked up last time we now go down!

The walk will start at the Horse and Jockey pub at Horbury Bridge. We walk from there onto the tow path which leads us to Thornhill Rectory Park where we cross the road and then head for a short distance through housing but then it’s tracks and woodland until we reach Overton where there is a Garden Centre. I have checked with the Garden Centre and they are doing Takeaway coffee and food for anyone who would like to use that option as we will be stopping for our lunch break soon afterwards. The Coffee Shop is inside the garden centre and has a toilet but because of its location I don’t think we can all just troupe in but it is obviously an option for those in need especially if some purchases are made. We continue a very short distance to a cemetery where I intend to stop for lunch. From there it is a mixture of woods, track and road heading eventually to the main Huddersfield/Wakefield Road and back to our cars.

Unfortunately parking at the pub isn’t an option as they only have a small car park which they want to keep for regulars but there is a reasonable amount of street parking in the area but car sharing where possible would obviously make things easier.

Dogs should be ok on this walk but there is some road walking and also a couple of busy roads to cross.

Don't worry if you see "Unpaid" by your name. We don't use that system - just £1 on the day please.

Walk around Lepton, about 8 miles

Sun Inn


8 miles around lepton, a few steep bits but nothing too strenuous. About 2.5 miles an hour pace with coffee along the way!

Don't worry about Unpaid by your name as we don't use that system. We just ask for £1 on the day.

Festive walk AND meal

Online event

Christine's boring bit (the good bits are lower down but you do need to know this).
1. We will do another festive walk open to all but this event is not open to new members. You must have walked with us before.

2. This event is a walk followed by a meal. You can't sign up to walk only as you will only get moved off the waiting list once you have paid. Again, we will do another event for those who want to be festive but not in a restaurant.

3. we haven't sorted the walk yet, 6 or 7 miles? Not too strenuous, details to follow.

Sue's more interesting bit:
We will need ALL your food money in advance £12.49 please (see menu in photos). There are NO refunds unless someone else can take your place.

When you have paid your deposit you will be placed onto the going list…be patient 😊
30 places only for food. Area booked from[masked]

Details of how to pay will be messaged or emailed to those on the list

Past events (365)

Emley 4 miles, slow paced, children welcome

White Horse


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