Brisbane Web Design Meetup - November


Add Some Ninja To Your Website

Cameron Jones

You may not be able to see it, but the chances are your website has a number of issues negatively impacting its performance. Discover a number of optimization techniques to improve your website and provide a better user experience.

Cameron Jones is a web developer for digital agency Eightball Media. He specialises in developing for WordPress and has so far released two plugins to the repository.

Get some easy ranking boosts (for free)

Tom De Spiegelaere

Have a few keywords that just won't budge? Tried everything? I bet you haven't tried this strategy before. Clustering is an on-page (yes, on-page, no link-building required) SEO technique that can boost your rankings with a few simple tweaks & additions to your site structure. It's very easy and can be implemented quite quickly. If you're familiar with silo structures, you'll love this one.

Tom De Spiegelaere is the founder of MangoMatter. He specialises in web design (WordPress) and has an ongoing SEO addiction (for which there's no known cure).

Please note the day has changed to Tuesday for this month due to a booking clash.