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Dancing on Tables! - Le Corbeau (Saturday)

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OK, It's along time since were here. Basically the music became less pop/rock and more dancey. But I've had several requests for a repeat and it's well worth a return

It's back to Le Corbreau (The Raven). This is a rather remarkable place where dancing on the tabletops at weekends is not only acceptable, but positively encouraged! It all seems to really kick off around 11.45 but it does vary.

Take a look here -

Map (since I don't fully trust the Meetup ones):

It does good beer - in very tall 'Kwak'-like glasses (before the dancing gets underway). It does food earlier on but I wouldn't count on it. I'll be eating before I get there.

We shall meet there (print that map!). Phone/text me on 0488 658 612 (not a smartphone)

Be aware that the bar gets filled up quickly and it's impossible to book/save seats. So, it's up to you to get there early enough if you want to sit down. I went to try and book a table. Unless I could gaurentee X people by Y time, all eating they wouldn't let me. So, I repeat....get there early if you want a seat

As always, no thanks whatsoever to for taking away the 'RSVP' Maybe option - so if you can indicate you level of likelyhood of being there, please do.

For identification purposes, I shall be wearing a something identifiable - I think my dark green Dangermouse T-Shirt.

For the uninitiated, this is Dangermouse:




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