BYOC - Bring Your Own Code

This is a past event

10 people went

Location image of event venue


The idea
Participants come with real code:

- Real work project
- Personal project

- Code kata
- Others

Bring a short piece of code that has a problem which you do not know how to attack.

- The project can compile
- Maybe we can even run the project

It can be a piece of code which we are particularly proud of and you want to show it to the world.
It can also be a piece of code that asks us because:
- It is not pretty
- You do not know the test
- It has too many dependencies across
- You do not know how to evolve it without breaking it
- The design is flawed
- Any other reason

All the group reviews this code, see how we can attack the problem and improve the code.
The piece of code which we will focus must have been thought about in advance by the author / owner. We do not want to review all 250,000 lines of an application. A method, a class, or interactions between different objects is often sufficient to allow enough material for such a session.

Thank you Antoine Vernois and Tolouse Software Craftsmanship Group for this original idea: