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Let's Practice User Story Slicing with a Kata

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You are invited to practice one of the key agile methods: User Story Slicing.

User stories are a deceptively simple concept. "Simple", because the format is easy: "As a [role] I want to [action] so that [purpose]". "Deceptive" because many teams make 7 common mistakes when using them:

1. Stories are large (larger than 2-3 days for sprint backlog)
2. Acceptance criteria are not defined or are incomplete
3. The stories are unclear when starting development
4. The business value of each story is not clear
5. Many of the stories depend on each other
6. The selected stories don't form a useful product increment
7. They are difficult to estimate

This meetup will try to address some of these issues through a combination of theory and practice. Here's what we will do:

* Introduction - what are user stories, why are they useful, slicing patterns
* Optional: In-depth information about user stories from a video by Jeff Patton
* Practice story slicing using a kata format: work in groups; given a set of stories, slice them in 20'; present your work; give and get feedback from the other groups

We will end the meetup with a quick retrospective and we will share what we learned with the rest of the community.

We look forward to seeing you there!