Global Day of Code Retreat 2012

This is a past event

16 people went


Global Day of Coderetreat is a world-wide event celebrating passion and software craftsmanship. Last year, over 1800 passionate software developers in 94 cities around the world spent the day practicing the craft of software development using the coderetreat format. This year, 200 cities from all over the world will host such events. Since our community pioneered code retreats in Europe, we are glad to continue this tradition.

What's it about?

In our day to day jobs we have the sense of wanting to get it done, that causes to rush. And so we try to cut corners, but sometimes we do not cut the corners in the best way because we do not know enough.

During a code retreat we use pair-programming, which is wonderful because you can learn a lot from each other. We write our code using TDD and the known design rules. We focus purely on writing beautiful code, there is no pressure to actually produce a working solution for the problem.

The format of a code retreat is:
- take a problem: Conway’s Game of Life
- during 45 minutes sessions write the best code with your pair
- delete your code (yes, it can be hard)
- 10 minutes retrospectives
- 5 minutes break
- change your pair
- start a new 45 minutes session

We have 3 sessions in the morning, after that we have a lunch of 1h - 1h ½, and 3 more sessions in the afternoon. At the end we have a longer retrospective.

This code retreat is language agnostic, the main principles are the same for each language.

This event is facilitated by Alex Bolboacă.