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Venue to be determined. Date and time to be determined. We have some new members who might have some time to organize a weekend meetup, possibly brunch?! If anyone would like to host a meetup, I'll certainly make it if I can. If anyone else has any suggestions for venue or time when some of us can get together, please let us know. We had a lot of fun at the last Friday night poly social, and I'd certainly like to see more of them! Keli and I are both committed to running one meetup a month each. Mondays are working well for us because most people don't have plans Monday. With one evening and one mid-day meetup, most people can make it at some point, but I know some other dates would be nice to have as well. If there are any suggestions or volunteers, please let us know! Cheers! -Michael

Needs a location

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    What we're about

    The Buffalo Polyamory Meetup group is an all-inclusive social group for those who identify as polyamorous, who practice ethical non-monogamy, or even as poly-friendly. Everyone is welcome regardless of gender, sexual preference, race, religion, economic factors, or body ability.
    Our primary community-building activity is offering social events for our members, with the goal of adding in educational events as membership and interest allow.
    This is a fledgling community, one I hope will grow to be vibrant and close knit, offering a source of friendship and acceptance as we all grow together. That means that each and every one of you is important in our growth.
    Some things I am hoping to incorporate into our community are:Dinner SocialsMovie NightsPizza PartiesPotlucksBoard Game get-togethersSupport GroupsBook DiscussionsLadies' Night
    And so much more! Let's build community together and make some wonderful new friendships and memories.

    Our group is open to all who are poly and poly friendly without any restrictions.


    Further clarification: Just to make sure that this is the right group for you, note that polyamory represents a subclass of the more general concept of (consensual) non-monogamy, focusing primarily on RELATIONSHIPS. This group is NOT dedicated per se to other manifestations of non-monogamy and human sexuality such as swinging, recreational sex, etc.

    The Ground Rules

    We, As the WNY Poly People, want this to be a Safer Space, recognizing that no Space is entirely safe, and free from Oppression. If anything negative needs to be pointed out to make it the safest possible space, then let it be known to the leaders. This space is open to other’s ideas, thoughts, beliefs and realities. These issues will be tackled as they arise

    Ask Questions if you need clarification to anything.

    This is a confidential space. Anything personal shared, stays within these spaces. What happens at WNYPP stays at WNYPP. Work to protect people’s confidential identities.

    Consent is mandatory. All contact must be consensual. Never assume you can touch, kiss, hug, etc. anyone without prior permission. Always ask. Communicate!

    Offensive, Oppressive, and bad behavior will not be tolerated. We maintain the right to deal with each infringement case as we see fit, and give no warnings.

    Triggers will be respected and trigger warnings will be provided whenever possible.Trigger Warnings can be requested at any time, from anyone. If you have seen something that may have been missed while tagging, or mis-tagged, let us know.

    Events in public are vanilla. When in doubt, don't do it.

    No photos or video without the express permission from all participants.

    WNYPP events whether public or private are reserved for those participants 18 and older only unless otherwise stated. No exceptions. Some events may specify a higher age requirement in the event listing.

    Illegal substances are prohibited. If discovered to be under the influence, you will be asked to leave immediately.

    Be respectful and polite. It goes a long way

    Online Rules

    Please be courteous in your posts. You don't have to be friends with everyone, but be friendly to everyone.

    Please keep your tone of voice in mind.

    No Personal Ads or solicitations.

    Discussions regarding businesses or classifieds are permitted with leadership permission. Include who gave you permission in the post.


    We want to create a space centered around the following principles:

    Confidentiality - We recognize that polyamory/ethical non monogamy is not accepted by the dominant paradigm with the danger to end careers or damage legal reputations. Not everyone can be ‘out’. We will protect the identities of our fellow poly people.

    Deep consent - We will build a world where everyone respects each others rights to their own body. Consent must be mandatory, unanimous, and is subject to change.

    Fighting systemic oppression - We know that oppression is pervasive throughout our culture and recognize our part in fighting systems of oppression. We will recognize our privileges, defer to traditionally marginalized people as to how to best be their ally, and be mindful of the way our thoughts and actions are influenced by the fucked up world we grew up in.

    Building community and cooperative culture - We want to make friends and grow as people. We’ll value our relationships and recognize that conflict is impossible to avoid but can be a valuable teaching tool.

    People who refuse to follow the values of the group will not be welcome

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