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This is the third in a series of fiction/craft workshops. So far, we've explored ways to remove our "me" from our narrators and elements of backstory.

This week's theme is Point(s) of view.

Why write a novel with various points of view when it's hard enough to stick to one? In novels where the events filter through the consciousness of a single ‘reliable’ narrator, one may wonder, is this the whole story? Truth is often a multiplicity of perspectives, and sometimes the more viewpoints and versions of events there are, the closer the reader gets to an overarching truth. The reader's task is to put it all together. It helps to make sure your characters are not only distinct but are also moving the narrative forward: if they repeat events from their points of view without adding something new or creating mystery; we risk boring or confusing the reader.

We won't ask for a submission for this workshop. Instead, let's each bring in a few pages of writing inspired by one of the examples you find in this file:


You can find it here:

Feel free to bring something you've started, or to try something entirely new. Bring writing materials, laptops and don't forget your charger. We'll read around the table and see where our conversation leads us!

During the second hour, we'll work from prompts.

Writers on all levels are welcome.

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Riki Moss is a BWW member since 2015, attending and leading workshops as she navigates a difficult draft in her second novel.

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Workshop leader: Riki Moss