Poetry Workshop

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Poetry Workshop
6:30 p.m.

All are welcome to participate - please be sure to RSVP here on Meetup.com. If you are able to, please print, read, and make comments in advance on the three poems to be workshopped. If you are unable to print them in advance, extra copies will be available at the workshop.

Those reading materials can be found here - look for files that include the date of this workshop:

Meeting Agenda:
1. Three poems (by three separate poets) will be workshopped by the group.
2. We'll apply fresh eyes to the placement of words on the page. This will be the first of a mini-series of workshops (spread out over the year) that will touch on this subject. In this workshop, we'll survey some creative approaches to the use of line breaks and white space, and we'll also look at concrete poetry (whose shape matches its subject).
Future topics in this mini series will include graphic poems/poetry comics, using graphic texts/fonts, and ongoing dips into the rich landscape of poets who have creatively placed texts on the page.
The voluntary take-home challenge: Compose a poem using line breaks and white space in a way you have not done before.
3. If anyone did the take-home challenge from the last workshop, we'll briefly share those with the group.

Reading materials can be found here (http://burlingtonwritersworkshop.com/files/).

Want to submit a request to have your work discussed or find out which writers are up for discussion at this workshop? Check our schedule (http://burlingtonwritersworkshop.com/burlington/).

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Leader: Elisabeth Blair