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What we're about

IoT North - Giving Business a North in IoT

Now part of the IoT North Community, Starting in Newcastle and growing across the UK with 5000 members. Community website ( - register your IoT use cases, demonstrate the value clearly and we will promote them for you across social and industry specialist partner groups. (

A forum for everyone working in, learning and sharing the value of Iot

IoT North Monthly Meetup - is a technical level meetup

IoT North Breakfast Club - sharing insight on the value of IoT, market adoption and use cases for everyone to understand

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A meetup group focusing on the business aspects of the Internet of Things

- Ways of building businesses, value creation, exploring business models, investing and attracting investment

- Finding or creating new markets, shifting markets, partnership & ecosystem creation, finding synergies

- How does the value of data emerge, and how can data drive businesses? How to find, price and share data?

- Both Industrial IoT and Consumer IoT

- Not tech for tech’s sake as there are enough technology-based meetups

Meetups to be held in Cambridge, or London, or elsewhere. Some in person, some virtual.

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IoT North Breakfast Club - Art does it influence tech adoption?

Joining host Paul Wealls, Shaun Allan and Dr Sean Clark - Does art accelerate tech adoption, if so what examples, also a chat around th amazing projects Shaun and Sean (this will get confusing on the show) have been working on

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