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" Is to show ordinary people ways to consider as a possible investment into Asset Backed Equity Token in the Energy sector and sharing the value of saving in physical Gold and Silver.”

Let’s face it, Blockchain Technology has been around since 2009 and during the crypto boom it highlighted the real business case use for Blockchain. Today (this year 2019,) just have a look on the job boards in London ow many corporate businesses are moving towards implementing and trailing the Blockchain.

It was in the Media recently, how JP Morgan one of the largest banks in the world, has been working with the blockchain to create their own internal currency to make their transfers easier. Other place where we can look at useful cases for the Blockchain is at the 4Th Industrial Revolution. How car manufactures are planning to use the blockchain. Blockchain could the solution to halt rigged voting systems across the world.

We are moving into the second transformation of Blockchain and Nasdaq has been talking about the revolution of Security Tokens in 2019. Under pinned by the blockchain

As an Independent Affiliate of an 11-year-old company in the industry of Gold and silver and in recent years the blockchain, we would like to invite you to our presentation. Where we will share with you how you can take ownership of through an ERC223 Smart Contract as a digital stakeholder in an Energy Company. As the owner of theses Equity Token, you would qualify for quarterly rewards. Now, this is like a share ownership that pays a dividend

The markets change constantly as new technology is added to improve the way we do business, take ownership, how we build generational wealth and more….

Regulations are slow but adapting to new technologies like the blockchain, look at Malta, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Russia, USA, UK, Cayman Islands and many more.

Investing into this area, you need knowledge and knowledge is power. Also, this is new, and you need vision and clear understanding what is safe to invest in.

You are invited to join our presentation. The presentation is Highly Popular and seats are Limited Book NOW and we are looking forward to meet you..

We will also cover a safe and stable way how you can save in Physical Gold and Silver

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