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I truly believe that there is a benefit in being involved in a groups such as this.

Having been involved in several groups including EO, (Entrepreneurs Organization), YEO (Young Entrepeneurs Organization), and have seen the benefits of other organizations such as TEC Canada & YPO (Young Presidents Organization), I know the value first hand.

Unfortunately, Not all budding or even established Entrepreneurs can qualify for or rationalize the expenseof joining these high profile groups with Price tags of $2500-$25,000. But if you can, I would recommend it!

I am hoping to make this Group a similar experience with a lot less cost but a lot of the same benefits.

This is especially true of Peer Groups or Forums. There is so much that can be gained by learning from one anothers experiences & resolve. The "Key" to the forum Experience is the confidentiality and trust that can be formed within a small groups of like minded peers. Individuals that have been in similar situations with applicable experience can help shed light or insight into what options are available.

"Forum has been described as the “glue” of YPO"

Another benefit will be Speakers sharing their stories with you. It's not easy as an individual to get a face to face with a CEO or President of an organization or major company but as a group, we can pull events like this together.

If there is someone that you would like to suggest that has a interesting story or Experience please make the suggestion.

I have found in my experience that the best way of involving people is to give them the tools and let them run with it.

If you would like join in and help out by

Organize events

Starting or joining a Forum / Peer Group,

or helping out in any way

Please let me know.

This group is meant to help those that are doing business get to the next level.

So join us for our Future meetups that will be designed to bring individuals, business owners and entrepreneurs together to learn, share ideas, and develop success strategies in all areas of business.

This group is open to anyone that wants to grow their business, learn more about success strategies and how to improve their business, and individuals interested in presenting.

Knowledge gathering, sharing and integrity are the key values supported by our group.

Please join us on the path to success!

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Do you SUCK at self promotion?
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If so - you're not alone... and we can blame at least part of it on being a humble Canadian. However, there are simple strategies for building your business and getting more clients. I would be happy to do a presentation to the group on this area of my passion and expertise. How to get more clients, more revenue from the ones you have, and how to enjoy the process! Is this a topic of interest? If you'd like a free sample - I am offering an evening seminar Mar. 4 & 25th. Email me for details!

The Power of Personalized Marketing - how to make your marketing not suck!

This will be a private meeting in our board room and I will share what we have been doing and how it is producing sales for me and my clients. Last month for one clients we generated over 6 figures in sales for a brand new product online. I have a simple formula for this to be implemented into any business... What I can guarantee is that you will have a marketing strategy that produces results and works month after month. But what is really exciting we have been testing personalized copy and personalized marketing for the last year and it has been working much better than standard copy and sales pages. I can show you have you can implement this into your business regardless of it's size. I guarantee that you will have the following results. 1. Increase prospect to customer conversion 2. Increase customer experience and satisfaction 3. Increase the frequency in which customers buy. This event will be LIMITED to 20 people only ... as I only want to speak with people who are serious about increasing their current online and offline businesses sales. Let me know if you are up for making more sales in your business. My contact is[masked] Regards Ben

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