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The Calibrated Man is a man with balanced masculine power.

Yvonne Rathbone says of the Greek God Hermes:

“The masculinity of Hermes is something that is both strong and powerful as well as life-affirming, flexible, gentle and fun. He commands respect for himself and the gods while at the same time allowing for true mirth and joy. While he will not tolerate sacrilege, neither is he bound by the definitions of other, easily transgressing boundaries of propriety as he does physical boundaries. His confidence in himself never waivers, and from this strength he can truly love. And yet, that confidence doesn't rely on the tearing down of others.”

Hermes models the masculine power that is needed in today’s world.

The Calibrated Man meetup is a group of men and women committed to rediscovering this lost legacy.

We host social events and workshops in a welcoming environment of acceptance and growth.

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