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If you are struggling in your job search, or you don't love what you do but don't know what you love....you're in the right place!

Usually, we hear this:

“I’m sending out résumés, but not getting any calls.”
“I’m networking “like crazy,” but not getting interviews.”
“I don’t know how to uncover the jobs in the so-called “hidden job market” because, in the past, the jobs have always come to me.”
“I’m confused about what to do in my day-to-day job search, and overwhelmed by all the advice (noise) out there.”
“I’m feeling like I could use more structure, support, or rigor in my job search campaign.”
“I don’t know how to separate out the bad advice from the good.”
“Basically, I just want a “kick-butt” job coach that can tell me exactly what I need to do to land that job!” (That one’s our favorite.)

Can you relate? If so, this is the meetup for you.

Sponsored by The Career Strategy Group, this is the only Job Club in the Washington D.C. area that is held by full-time career coaches and resume writers. We get paid to do this work and have been doing so for 13+ years in this area.

Now, we just want to give back.

The inaugural meeting will be FREE. Future meetings (starting in the Fall) will be a small fee.

This is a support group, not a gripe group!
This is a structured networking event with speakers on topics important to job seekers.

If you have suggestions on topics you'd like for us to address, please email michelle@thecareerstrategygroup.com.

Hope to see you at our first meeting in June!

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