What we're about

Please write me with your ideas! For starters, we can eat together, getting to know one another and our stories through conversation - and FOOD! Ideas include a Literature Club (not just printed books, but easy-to-find printed articles for exploring each others' cultures). If you or your parents are from the region, maybe you'd grace us with an informal chat about the country/island over tea, coffee, or food. Some may opt instead for a formal presentation with pictures - it's up to you!

Some basics:

- people of all races are welcome. Even if they or their "fambly" isn't from the Caribbean - there's plenty to learn from people who do "deep travel" to countries we may have not been to ... yet ;-).

- while in many of our cultures there are members of society that will joke openly about women due to their gender, members of this group want everyone to feel respected, safe, and welcome. Thank you in advance for respecting all members who may join.

- let's have fun!! If events need "spicin' up", let me know!

Again, I'm open to your ideas - write me to help make this group a celebration of our countries, our parents' countries, and the places we enjoy.

Past events (4)

Meet n' Greet Picnic!

Balboa Park

Dinner at One Love Island Cuisine

One Love Island Cuisine

Cuban Food at Los Pollos!

The House of Cuban Flavor

Our First Event!

Island Spice Jamaican Restaurant

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