Past Meetup

Sound Healing Meditation at the Oasis in Carr Mill Mall

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Saturday November 16 7:00-10:00pm
Sound Healing Meditation And Shamanic Journey
Experience the Healing Sounds of the Didgeridoo & Crystal Bowls with Daran Wallman & the Healing Vocals of Edie Stuber.

Come and join us for an evening of healing and enlightenment. Shaman and sound therapist Daran Wallman will be using the Didgeridoo, Crystal and Tibetan bowls, combined with the healing vocals of Edie Stuber to take us deep into our own self discovery. We will balance and clear our energy fields, harmonizing and joining with the oneness of sacred sound. Daran will also guide and lead us through a Shamanic journey where we can naturally access and experience our own heightened reality. There will be two sessions with time before and after for questions and sharing with friends.

Edie has been teaching for more than two decades on topics including bodywork, the human energy field, yoga, mythology, spirituality and professional development. She is a student, master teacher and mentor who helps others connect to their own true nature by celebrating the continuous emergence and integration of the innate wisdom we embody.

Daran is a modern shaman from Canada who has been practicing various modalities of healing for over a decade. He offers a unique variety of shamanic services, sound therapy and intuitive counseling.Using the powerful sounds of the ancient didgeridoo, singing bowls and vocal harmonics, Daran helps you relax and move forward in alignment with your goals. His instruments are designed to resonate with the physical body and balance the chakras. He creates a safe and sacred space for healing to unfold. When sound is used in vibrational healing, the deep vibrations permeate the muscular, skeletal and energetic systems, creating a unique “sound massage” experience. This can release energy and emotions that have been suppressed by trauma or other life experiences. The result is a feeling of support and guidance in the ongoing process of your journey, helping you experience greater clarity, balance and harmony.