What we're about

Are you dyslexic, dyspraxic or autistic and feel like you don't belong?
Are you starting and stopping projects because of doubters and naysayers?
Do you want to feel celebrated wherever you go instead of "tolerated"?

Calling all neurodivergents who want to improve their confidence & competence using improvisation & structured workshops...

Upcoming paid for workshops include:

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): Tapping into confidence & inner peace
Communication: Speaking with confidence unapologetically
Productivity: How to focus your Neurodivergent genius
Reiki: Using energy healing to heal educational trauma
Memory: Improving your memory to remember names
Mindfulness: How to be alone without being lonely

It's time to go where you're celebrated not tolerated!

So why not go to a FREE workshop/seminar/conference?

🥇Social good - 25% of workshop participant payments go towards funding Celebrated Not Tolerated physical hubs. CNT is opening a local juice & desert house which will provide jobs & training opportunities to people who are neurodiverse (opening in 2019).

💪Because we roll a bit different - Did you know that MRI scans show your brain flatlining when you listen to an "expert" we want to get your neural pathways firing not decaying that's why each of our workshops will be interactive, get you up and moving, because that's how we roll!

💃 Because this is about transformation, not information - These workshops are about equipping you, not fixing you & telling you what you already know. You CAN & you WILL fulfil your full potential & through implementation, you will see the transformation.

Sitting down and being spoken at is so 2000 - As an accredited trainer, coach, parent of a young adult on the spectrum and person on the spectrum I know this teaching style is ineffective (to say the least). So if you want to uplevel and really want to go from coping, to barely surviving and instead you want to thrive you know what you need to do!


P.S. Learn more about the Celebrated Hub here (http://ruth-ellen.com/celebrated-hub/)