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Sierra Club with Seth Pritchard: Can Earth Support 12 Billion?
Can Earth Support 12 Billion People? Global Environmental Change, Human Population Growth, and Crop Productivity Human populations are rising and could reach 10-12 billion by 2100. Rapid population growth that occurred through the 1900s was accompanied by intensification and industrialization of agricultural production methods which drastically increased crop yields. Recent evidence suggests, however, that we are fast approaching yield ceilings for our major field crops (corn, rice and wheat). Furthermore, diminishing fresh water availability, global warming and atmospheric CO2-enrichment promise to complicate our efforts to expand the global harvest. Growing enough food to meet the demands of a larger and more affluent human population, while preserving environmental quality, is among the greatest challenges of the century. Seth Pritchard is Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology at the College of Charleston. He has been conducting research and teaching in the areas of plant biology and environmental studies for over 20 years. His current research is focused on understanding how environmental changes will impact soil biology and ecology in both agricultural and forest ecosystems.

MUSC Baruch Auditorium

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