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Hadoop/BI use cases for financial services and insurance

Hosted by The Chicago Data Visualization Group

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Join us for a Financial Services and Insurance Lunch and Learn Wednesday, June 12 to hear how companies are leveraging Hadoop for analytic insights previously unimaginable.

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In this session, you’ll learn how companies are unifying Hadoop, interactive SQL querying, and data visualizations to correlate Big Data of all types – audio, email, instant messages, machine-generated events, structured data – and deliver the richest analytic insights for mission-critical applications, such as:

Customer experience analytics: Pull data from more sources, and process it faster, to provide enhanced analytics around customer interactions and wallet share.

Customer lifecycle management: Perform holistic root-cause analysis of customer churn, and identify/implement targeted actions to help reduce turnover.

Fraud detection and analysis: Easily detect fraud signatures for effective risk management and loss prevention. Develop models that predict future fraud events.

Trade analysis: Analyze the daily streams of transaction data in conjunction with unstructured news or social media feeds, or back-test trading algorithms.

Web-scale analysis: Analyze what is being said on the web at large, and on social networks, to improve marketing to existing customers through better targeting.

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