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The fifth of ten (alternating) discussions on Hegel's (non-"lesser") "Science of Logic" (covering):
"Section Three: Measure";
thereby concluding "Book One" ("The Doctrine of Being") of "Volume One: The Objective Logic."

In my old version (@ 1969 George Allen & Unwin , London),
translated by A.V. Miller and foreword-ed by J.N. Findlay,
this fifth dose amounts to pp. 327-385.

In di Giovanni, this fifth chunk amounts to pp. 282-335 (or the marginal notations: #21.323-21.383)

Among the excerpting Marxists,
the paragraphs range from 699 to 806:

In the hopes of encouraging, I still quote others more concise and credible:

Mr. G.R.G. Mure:
"...philosophy is no more the exclusive business of professionals than is art or religion."

J.N. Findlay:
"Hegel will appear as the greatest of European thinkers, engaged in a self-critical enterprise which even he only half understood, whose most obscure, botched utterances are often worth many of the lucidities of modern philosophers."

Etienne Gilson:
"Hegel was not a philosopher; he was a world, a self-creating world..."