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Critique of Pure Reason

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Join us for the fourth annual reading of Kant's pivotal text.

Newcomers are encouraged to join. Reading the Critique with others is a great way to make it through the book for the first time.

As we started last year, we will be meeting for the book every other week to allow plenty of time for reading (and re-reading).

Following the Critique, we will also read Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals, Critique of Practical Reason, and Critique of (the Power of) Judgment

Week 1:
Prefaces/Introduction/Transcendental Aesthetic - Avii to B73

Week 2:
Transcendental Logic/Analytic of Concepts (Clue, Deduction) - A50/B74 to B169

Week 3:
Analytic of Principles (Schematism, System of Pure Principles, Phenomena and Noumena, Amphiboly) - A130/B169-A292/B349

Week 4:
Transcendental Illusion/Concepts of Pure Reason/Paralogisms of Pure Reason - A293/B349 to B432

Week 5:
Antinomies of Pure Reason - A405/B433 to A567/B595

Week 6:
Ideal of Pure Reason - A567/B595 to A704/B732

Week 7:
Transcendental Doctrine of Method (Discipline, Canon, Architechtonic, History) - A707/B735 to A856/B884

Regarding the Book:

If you don't have the book already, this is my favorite English translation:

There is also a newer translation available that is also very excellent and contains a lot of additional scholarly notes and marginalia (I do worry that some of these can be distracting for someone new to Kant, but if you have read the Critique before, I recommend this translation):

If you are interested in all three of Kant's Critiques, there is a set of them all translated by the same person here: