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Plato's Gorgias - It's better to suffer than to do wrong

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What could lead Socrates to declare that it is better to suffer wrong than to do wrong? Surely, many people who do wrong are happy, right? And don't we say those suffering harm certainly are unhappy?

If Socrates is correct that wrongdoers are necessarily unhappy, and if everyone wants to be happy, this seems to be a game changer in terms of our prospects for peace on Earth. His further claim that unhappier still are those who commit wrong and escape punishment, suggesting that wrongdoers on some level want to be held responsible, makes an important claim about humanity's innate sense of justice and of our need to feel worthy of our happiness.

This section of Plato's Gorgias presents one of the richest and biggest claims in moral philosophy, and the argumentation is intricate and subtle.

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