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Western philosophy might well be a series of footnotes to Plato, but these footnotes mostly took the form and used the terminology provided by Aristotle. This reading group will aim to achieve a thorough grounding in Aristotelian thought, hoping thereby to gain deeper insight into everything that has followed.

Our tentative reading schedule is as follows:

Wk. 1. Categories and On Interpretation
Wk. 2. Prior Analytics
Wk. 3. Posterior Analytics
Wk. 4. Topics (Bks. I-IV)
Wk. 5. Topics (Bks. V-VIII)
Wk. 6. Sophistical Refutations
Wk. 7. Physics (Bks. I & II)
Wk. 8. Physics (Bks. III & IV)
Wk. 9. Physics (Bks. V & VI)
Wk. 10. Physics (Bks. VII & VIII)
Wk. 11. On the Heavens (Bk. I; Bk. 2, Chs. 13-14; Bks. III & IV)
Wk. 12. On Generation and Corruption
Wk. 13. On the Soul
Wk. 14. History of Animals (Bk. V, Ch. 1; Bk. VIII, Ch. 1; Bk. IX, Ch. 1); Parts of Animals (Bk. I, Chs. 1-5; Bk. II, Ch. 1); Generation of Animals (Bk. I, Chs. 1, 17-18, and 20-23)
Wk. 15. Metaphysics (Bks. I-IV)
Wk. 16. Metaphysics (Bks. V-IX)
Wk. 17. Metaphysics (Bks. X-XIV)
Wk. 18. Nicomachean Ethics (Bks. I-V)
Wk. 19. Nicomachean Ethics (Bks. VI-X)
Wk. 20. Politics (Bks. I-IV)
Wk. 21. Politics (Bks. V-VIII)
Wk. 22. Rhetoric (Bks. I & II)
Wk. 23. Rhetoric (Bk. III) and Poetics