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Let's Discuss "The Naked And The Dead", by Norman Mailer
from A friend, Bill Brissette, shared on Facebook his reaction to this book. It was so remarkable, that I wanted to expose more potential readers to this book. "I will never forget Norman Mailer describing marines pushing an artillery piece up a hill in the jungle in the dark during a tropical downpour in his masterpiece, "The Naked And The Dead." When the marines finally got that gun up the hill, I put the book down, and I immediately realized why. I felt tired, like I had just pushed a heavy gun up a steep hill in the jungle at night during a hard rain, and I stopped and revelled in that moment and the fact that Mailer had somehow miraculously conveyed me to that dark rain swept night on an island somewhere in the Pacific during WWII and described in words the experience of pushing that gun up that hill so well that I felt it viscerally. I would swear that I could smell the fetid odor of the soaking wet, moldy jungle soil, feel the rain beating down on me so hard that it stung and stuck my uniform to my skin, taste it mixed with the sweat running down my face, feel the burn in my legs from the hard pushing and the impossibilty of getting any traction in the mud, hear the grunts and groans of my buddies, themselves slipping and falling in their efforts to push the gun up that hill, and cursing whenever the damned thing would slide backwards or sidewards on them, and hear the roar of the rain and the rush of it running down the hill in sheets , along with the violent shaking of the giant palms overhead, tossing in the wind and the relentless downpour, mixed in with the sceeches and screams of frightened monkeys and birds, all in the black darkness of that stormy jungle night lit only in momentary silhouettes frozen in time by brilliant flashes of tropical lightning which were followed almost immediately by deafening claps of thunder."

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So many GREAT books, so little time!

A well written book is like a warm blanket on a cold night or a fine wine that lingers in your memory long afterward. If you are interested in reading (or revisiting) the greatest books of all time, then this book club is for you! We read books widely regarded as the best novels ever written.

The Classic Novels Club will meet in the north metro area, on one Thursday every month from 7:00- 8:30. Meetings will be very casual. All you need to bring is your curiosity and willingness to share your thoughts, ideas and perhaps a favorite paragraph.

Discussions are focused on the book, so please try to read the book prior to attending if possible, but you are welcome to attend either way.

SPECIAL NOTE: We are a true book discussion group. We are always cordial and friendly to everyone, but our members like to read serious books - no fluff ever! - and discuss them in depth with other devoted readers. Our meetings are 90% book discussion, and maybe 10% chit-chat. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds; we believe that bringing together readers of diverse backgrounds enriches our discussions.

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