What we're about

Calling all Coaches, Healers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, and anyone in the profession of helping others to come together in a space of getting to know our local network of coaches! This group has the intention of connecting life coaches, business coaches, healers, and anyone thinking of getting into the field of coaching to learn about each other, our unique coaching styles, perhaps experience different modalities, and discuss how we can support each other in our efforts in helping our community, one person at a time.

What we are:
-like-minded coaches that are open to sharing best-practices, tips & success stories
-a safe and open space to discuss challenges, opportunities & meet other coaches
-advocates for those that are launching into coaching
-mentors for coaches that have new ideas they would like feedback on
-a strong community of healers, coaches, mentors & incredible human beings

What we are not:
-a free coaching platform
-an evening of egos. We all have our own flavor of coaching and each one is as important and powerful as the others.
-a place to pitch your coaching practice

If you are a coach that is looking to create a community of support, inspiration and personal growth, then let's come together and nurture this space together!

Looking forward to connecting!

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Coaching Pain Points: A Marketing Mastermind!

Keller Street CoWork

This meetup is perfect for anyone that is a life coach or interested in becoming one to come together with others to network and learn about the many wonderful healing modalities that exist in our area! I believe that we are only as strong as our community, and by networking and getting a better understanding of the coaching we passionately practice- we gain the power of supporting ourselves and one another in our journey's as coaches. This meetup session will continue the discussion of the pain points of starting a coaching business, common bumps in the road, and issues that spark imposter syndrome, overwhelm, and stopping you dead in your tracks. We will be focusing specifically on the marketing aspects of life coaching. (Yes, I realize marketing itself is a broad subject, but we are going to dive in and get started!) Bring your pain, bring your inspiration, and bring your coaching strengths to the table as we start unravelling the journey of a coach and how we can start creating a network of support and solutions. Take a look at the attached form, and please let me know (either in private message or as a comment) your top 2-3 points you would like to focus on. https://docs.google.com/document/d/142nHTkjqB-amfXGK9wSyS58FcGXQKQ0t11zS2ugOrS0/edit?usp=sharing Based on everyone's feedback, we will select the top 2 areas and share discussions, input, advice with one another based on our own experiences. Come along for an evening of masterminding the journey of a coach. Feel free to bring pen, paper, your favorite snack to share, and your authentic self!

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Coaching Pain Points: A Mastermind Continued!

Keller Street CoWork

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