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Are you passionate about helping people change for the better?

Are you already a Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Health and Well-being Coach, Executive or Business Coach... or, you want to become one?

That’s excellent, because we’ll be hosting a great variety of events where you can get together with people who, like you, want to share and gain exceptional skills for improving lives.

For coaching skills, we're holding regular workshops on topics like...

· Taking charge of your own brain
· Overcoming difficult challenges
· Building strong relationships
· Communicating elegantly
· Realising goals for success

And embracing the joy for living that we all deserve!

We're also hosting frequent practice sessions and other fun events so we can meet, share and get the support we all need on our journeys together.

Join now, because we’re really looking forward to sharing our passion for positive change with you!

For coaching, the main modality we're using and teaching is NLP...


At its core, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the art of elegant communication and the science of things that work.

It's all about learning successful strategies from people who do things really well and teaching other people how to do the same so you're getting more of what you want and enjoying a truly fulfilling life.

Whether it’s success in your career, relationships, or just learning how to be happier in life, NLP gives us the tools to change how we use our physical body, mental focus and language, so we can transform the way people are thinking, feeling and behaving in new and empowering ways.


www.WinVision.ca (http://www.winvision.ca/)

Darren Miller is a Life Changing Coach, Master Hypnotist and professional NLP Trainer licensed & certified by Dr. Richard Bandler and The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™

Darren first experienced NLP back in 1995 while seeking help for his own life challenges. The skills he gained then absolutely transformed him! Since realising the power of these life-altering tools, he's committed himself to helping as many people as possible, to ‘pay it forward’.

Darren has also enjoyed the privilege of assisting as a trainer at the seminars of his mentor, Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP), because it truly is a great honor to be selected from hundreds of NLP trainers worldwide to join his illustrious team!

Join us for our next event to find out for yourself how you can use NLP Coaching for Transforming Lives.

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Get Essential NLP Training - 3 Day Seminar - tentative dates

These dates are tentative - please don't make life-changing plans around these dates, because we're not sure it will happen yet. We will let you know for sure when we know for sure. ;))
This and all of our training dates will only become official when we can be reasonably certain about everyone's wellbeing AND it's aligned with our recovery plan.
For now, SIGN UP for our mailing list to be the first to learn when the relaunch of Hypnosis Coach Training is happening again: http://www.hypnosiscoaching.com

Are you ready to unleash your personal power or help others do the same?

Coaches, hypnotists, counselors, and anyone who’s passionate about tools for personal growth will love…

Essential NLP is 3 Days of leading-edge discoveries and life-changing skills in a deeply supportive and entertaining space.

It’s a crash course in learning how to connect and communicate with the unconscious mind to empower people to be happier and more fulfilled.

And, of course, if you decide to use these inspiring tools to help make other people's lives better, we surely wouldn't tell you not to go for it! :)

After only 3 days of Essential NLP training you will be able to:

** Create Trust Connections with anyone in moments!
** Understand Secrets for influencing the Unconscious Mind!
** Leverage Hypnotic Language for Inspiring Results!
** Bring Resourceful States of the past back to life!
** Change States of Mind rapidly!
** Swish away fears and spin up Courage!
** Build Personal Power and Create Confidence at will!
** Create Empowering Beliefs with certainty!
** And much, much more!

Another thing you'll love is the unparalleled opportunity for personal growth because people experience many life-changing breakthroughs!

Our students get over fears, transcend limiting beliefs, and get help in so many wonderful ways.

Plus, Darren always demonstrates his Master Coaching Hypnotist abilities, so you will also benefit from his life-changing interventions, too!

*** Please Note:
This is a paid event and the price will be announced when the dates are confirmed. AND, to reward you for being awesome, anyone who signs up here in advance we will offer a significant discount for the tuition. ;))

Darren Miller is a Master Coaching Hypnotist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®

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