What we're about

The Coherence Connection is focused on providing an on-going opportunity for community members to learn, grow and achieve more driven by their deep desire to align personal power, potential and purpose for peak performance. This Meetup Community is ideal for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, career professionals and professionals operating a private practice, and those who are highly interested and invested in becoming more personally effective, productive and successful in achieving their most important goals. Individuals who may be transitioning from the corporate or career world into something new at this particular phase in their life are well suited for our community as well.

The mission of The Coherence Connection is fourfold:

Together, we assemble as like-minded community members where everyone has the desire and opportunity to learn, grow, express him or herself and achieve in a place and space that is safe, supportive, open and receptive.
Together, we empower community members with greater self-awareness about performance psychology and to provide tips, tools, techniques and strategies to increase personal effectiveness in achieving their most important goals.
To create an enriching, supportive environment for all community members to share each other's unique set of talents, strengths, knowledge, experience, and expertise in service of and in collaboration with fellow members and beyond.
To grow and expand our community base by everyone taking ownership to find and invite new members who will strengthen and add to the diverse and results-focused orientation of our existing community.

Why should you join? In order to create breakthrough opportunities for yourself and/or your business through increased learning, growth, connections and an increased commitment to achieving optimal results.

What does "coherence" mean? Coherence is a state of being. Coherence occurs when our actions create outcomes that are aligned with our intentions and values. When the heart and mind are aligned, we produce outcomes that create this state. The results of coherence are satisfaction, fulfillment, achievement, harmony and inner peace. We experience an ease and flow to the contributions we wish to bring forward.

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