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I am taking some serious steps in this time of great desperation, suffering and uncertainty, to start working within my city of Vista, CA to create a model network of HOPE, LOVE, BALANCE AND COLLABORATION in people by helping with projects that organizations have to find and connect up with people who are looking to serve their community in some way.

This major step will begin to restore to hearts of humanity by starting something in each of our cities. The model of The Collaborative Network is blooming right now and we will passionately pursue it through planting trees, cleaning the oceans, teaching the value of recycling and reusing our waste and much more. There is so much to do, and some of our time must be spent on establishing a venue to give and receive. Giving where there is a need calls for receiving and receiving calls for more giving. More giving calls for hearts to continue to flower and restores self respect, confidence, hope and love.

It's time for us to stand for what we believe in and begin projects in our cities that will flourish and create relationships. The Collaborative Network seeks to be a model for other cities.

The Collaborative Network which marries organizations and volunteers for citywide projects to work in harmony and balance for the betterment of their city and collective relationships, using all facets of society, children, teens, homeless, elders, disabled, etc for increasing awareness and sustainability in recycling, environmental needs, climate changes, etc.

Help me to start this project today - it will take a village to raise the village.

There is an on-going fundraising for The Collaborative Network at this facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1148278938894508/

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Children learn to meditate to save their lives!!!

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Meet the Founder of The Collaborative Network

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