What we're about

The collective is a group of individuals coming together to bring ideas, support and nurture. It’s a space where you can meet other driven individuals; engage in conversation and drive your idea forward. It’s a place where artists, from musicians, videographers to painters can bring their skill assetts.

If you’ve got a new product in the pipeline meet with marketing professionals, if you have a track in the works meet with your next backing vocal artist, if you’re an investor find your next cash cow! If you have nothing on the go and wish to converse and see how others are burning their creative energy then come along; you may even find yourself involved with a project by the end of the night.

Come be part of the Collective!

Past events (3)

The Cambie Reincarnation

Cambie pub & hostel

The Cambie Seat Switch.

Cambie pub & hostel

First Meetup

Cambie pub & hostel

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