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This is NDK the Biggest Anime Con in the Rockies!

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So here we are again time for NDK. Wow I think about how many years it's been sense I started the group and sense the time that I started posting about this meeting. I think it's great that we have grown up along side NDK through the years. Some of us remember the Con being at the Red Lion Inn some of us never got to see that. But what it was and what it is remain true to itself, and that is a great Anime Con. So let's get down to business shall we? So lets say your new to the Anime Group or your new to the Colorado area or your even new to this whole Con thing. Your asking yourself well why would I want to go to something like that? What's in it for me and why should I do it? Well let me explain to you just what you might need to know about this Con.

1: It's a family friendly Con in other words you won't find anything to Skimpy or to revealing here. In the last few years they forced some people to get changed due to being to revealing. This also helps make it a safer Con for everyone and that means it's even good for the kids.

2: It is the biggest Con in the Rocky Mountain Area in the Midwest in general. Last year they sold out of tickets having over 10k people attending. I think it's quite an impressive number myself.

3: Do you like Anime in general and wish to buy some but your not sure where? Well this is a great place to get all kinds of anime who knows perhaps you will find something you thought was gone. Perhaps an old ADV or Pioneer Film? Not saying you will but digging up treasures can sometimes be a great experience. It doesn't stop with Anime there are many things Manga, Jpop, Figures, Games, All kinds of tasty food you may not be able to find outside of the Con, and So so much more I could spend a long time just telling you what they have but that would spoil it the Dealers Hall and Artist alley are where it's at.

4: You might be saying to yourself well geese I don't have any extra cash for stuff like that it won't be of any use to me. Your right if you don't you can't buy but the window shopping is so much fun too. don't fret though there is lots of free stuff you can do at the con as well. Take in to account Panels one of our Members Michi runs a food panel there are cosplay Panels and so much more... But wait there is more than that. How about DDR how about Guitar Hero? How about a full on gaming room with tournaments? or Rooms Devoted to just watching Anime? And this is just the tip of the ice burg

5: Ah but I don't like to do any of that some of you say.. Well what about Photo sessions? perhaps your the guy or gal that takes millions of Photo's over by artist alley they have a huge list of Preplaned Photo sessions all of them Themed. You a fan of FF? perhaps Kingdom hearts? or maybe even soul eater? well you will find many chances to take photos all around the Con.

I have told you now so much about this con, and I truly hope that I got you excited for it. I have gone now this will be my 5th year. I purposed to my wife at the rave that's how special this is to me and I hope that you will find it near and dear to you as well some day as well so I invite you all to come and enjoy this great time.

Ronnie Boyd