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Reiki is a technique for reducing stress, avoiding or eliminating illness and managing your health in a positive and pro-active way. This group offers Reiki tryout sessions for the general public as well as Reiki Shares for Reiki Practitioners. I offer a regular schedule of Reiki classes throughout the year.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction that operates in your body’s energy field and in the cells of your body to reduce stress, promote relaxation and promote healing. It is useful for stress reduction, pain relief, alleviation of chronic illness, PTSD, recovery from surgery, and is beneficial for many physical illnesses. It is especially helpful for sometimes unidentifiable illnesses and ailments that defeat modern medicine. It has no contraindications and can be used in conjunction with other alternative or traditional medicines.

The Reiki movement is rapidly growing throughout the world as an alternative way to get well and stay well. More and more people are realizing the benefits of regular Reiki treatments much as chiropractic took off in the last century or so, Reiki offers the potential to be a truly satisfying and viable way to get well and stay well.

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Reiki Online MasterTeacher Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Ryoho

This is a paid 3 day class. Please read the entire description before signing up. You must be a Reiki level 2 practitioner with 6 months of experience to take this class. Upgrade your Reiki energy to the Master level and take your own personal healing journey in this 3 day online class. Cost $1025. You will qualify as a Reiki Master and online Reiki teacher. You will be trained to teach all levels of Reiki both in person and online. Upon registration you will receive a link to take the class using Zoom. Classes are small, personal and interactive. They taught live in person. Learn more or register here: https://www.thereikiplace.us/events/reiki-master-teacher-online-class-august-14-16-2020 Learn more about taking an online Reiki class here: https://www.thereikiplace.us/online-reiki-classes See all my scheduled classes here: https://www.thereikiplace.us/reiki-class-schedule All classes are Usui / Reiki Ryoho Holy Fire® III style of Reiki as practiced and taught by the International Center for Reiki Training. Holy Fire® is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand. I am a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher for Reiki Levels 1 and 2 and Registered Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher. I will be licensed at the Master Level by the time of this class.

Online Talk Circle followed by Reiki Share

Online event

We will open at 6pm with the Talk Circle followed by Distance Reiki at 7pm. If you just want to join the talk circle you can drop off at 7pm. If want just Reiki you can join at 7pm. The password will be sent to those who have RSVP'd yes on the day of the meeting. Or text me at the number below if you don't receive it. We will open the talk circle with a discussion topic: Anxiety - is it ours or does it belong to the collective? What makes us anxious and how to overcome it. Everyone is welcome. If you are a Reiki practitioner you can choose to give or to receive Reiki. Those who are not Reiki practitioners can simply receive Reiki. My contact number is[masked]

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