Central Ohio Kinky & Poly Roundtable


Topic - Personalities

“Personalities Come in All Shapes and Sizes and More Than One might be in the Same Person”

You are in a “V” shaped or a closed triangle polyamorous triad… you counted…there are three people in the relationship. Ha! Maybe you should count again.


One of your partners is a vanilla non-power exchange partner, but they are also the Dominant in another relationship. No big deal…happens all the time in our world. But, your partner, their partner (your metamour), and you are at a big conference and they are having trouble switching between the two. Now you are dating two personalities.


You are a public figure who must interact regularly with a large number of people on a regular basis. You have developed methods to cope with all the interactions…but… surprise you are, secretly an introvert. Your partners are in the know, they sometimes go out with you and support your alter ego and then they are there to manage the “private” you behind closed doors. That’s dating two personalities again!


One of your partners is out to friends and family, the other one is not…you are being asked to restrain yourself during visits with their family, while the person they know as the romantic partner gets to share the focus, while you are the “friend”… not an ideal feeling…but you are dating one person in two different ways…


The love of your life is … (anything) fill in the blank. There are so many scenarios that can play out. One thing that is for certain, life is an adventure and is enhanced in the sharing with loving partners, and metamours, and poly-friends.

What have you discovered, to manage this web we build ourselves? Any tips, life hacks, or other skills you have learned along the way to help bring equilibrium?

Come share with us! Tell us about your experiences, positive and negative and share what you have learned.

Let’s talk!

*This event is held at an alcohol and substance free venue. All participants must be 19 and over.

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