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Welcome to the community. This is a place for people that give a shit. Our goal is to create impactful community transformation within ourselves through conversation and sharing of knowledge. All opinions and perspectives are important to create a sustainable culture and we need a place to talk about this. In this place we find common unity.

The Community's mission is to value and challenge perspectives to nurture a sustainable culture. To support this mission, Community Gatherings create space for face-to-face inquiry, discussion, action, and growth.

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Social Authenticity

Memorial Park Library

Community Discussion #7 Social Authenticity: A Conversation This month’s topic: When we show up in spaces like work, school or church, we show up with a certain face on. Generally, we need to act in a way that gets us the job, that makes the sale, that fits the social circle or works with the rules of the institution. We show a different side of ourselves or mould ourselves while in different social situations - while only letting our true selves show in spaces we are comfortable in. Of course there are some of us who are able to bring our truly authentic selves to the table every time but a majority of society automatically fall into these roles. When we act a certain way for long enough, parts of our act become ingrained in our personality, causing us to change & mould into a different self. In some cases this means putting on a professional hat when the situation calls for it, other times it means we ingrate a less authentic version of ourself overall. We want to have a real conversation about: -How we interact -How we influence each other -Social graces -How the inauthenticity effects us -How we feed into a false system by perpetuating the narratives. This event is by donation at the Memorial Park Library, in meeting room 2. We have snacks & coffee. Please feel free to come anytime after 6:30, we start right at 7.

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Purpose and Intention: A real conversation with I.AM.YYC

Memorial Park Library

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